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Compounded medications are drugs that have their ingredients specifically combined, mixed, or altered to create a tailor-made medication based on your doctor’s prescription. The process may involve combining two or more drugs to achieve the desired product, which licensed pharmacists to prepare. Your compounding pharmacists will prepare the medication based on your doctor’s prescription regarding the dose, proportion, and administration route. They carefully prepare the drugs correctly and specialize them to the patient’s unique needs. Compounding pharmacists also formulate medication in various forms other than the standard mass-produced ones. Some pre-manufactured drugs contain dyes and preservatives, which may harm some people. Compounding pharmacies are beneficial for people with hypoallergenic sensitivities or young ones requiring small dosages of specific medications.

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At Bullard Drug & Wellness, we understand that some people find it difficult to swallow their meds or have allergies and sensitivities to certain ingredients in some medications. Our pharmacists are highly trained and have extensive experience in compounding to give you the best treatment that works for you. Whether you need flavored medications or a dose that is not commercially available, you can rely on us to give you personalized, high-quality, and superior compounding services from our compounding pharmacists. With our compounded medications, you can be assured of the following:

  • Customized ingredients based on your unique needs
  • High-quality compounding at competitive prices
  • We compound using specialized procedures and cutting-edge equipment for accuracy and safety
  • Flavored medication for you and your children if you do not like the distasteful medicine
  • Customized dosage or strength depending on your prescription and personal preference
  • Our custom medications are available in lotions, suppositories, transdermal gels, creams, chewable, and much more
  • We compound using the finest and purest ingredients to ensure you get the best
  • We create medications in a form that is easier for your child to take, like gummy bears or a lollipop
  • If you are allergic to some medications, we modify them and break them down to exclude the ingredients that might cause allergies for better health and improved quality of life
  • We compound for the elderly who have trouble swallowing and keeping down tablets or pills by compounding them into creams (for skin absorption) or a chewable
  • We also compound medicines for pets into creams, chewable, or other forms for easier intake