Auto-fill  Olla, LA


Are you always running out of your medication just when you need it? If yes, auto-fill might be the solution you are looking for. Auto-fill is an automatic refill system for your prescriptions when they are due. At Bullard Drug & Wellness, we set up a customized schedule for our patient’s prescription refills when they are due. Our autofill services are customized to process and deliver medications for every patient for accurate and timely dispensing. If you have ongoing drug therapy, auto-fill service is ideal for you.

Auto-fill is an opt-in program, and if you would like this service, do not hesitate to inform us. All you need to do is ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff if your prescriptions qualify for our auto-fill service. If you qualify, specify the medicines that should be added to your autofill service. You are also free to choose which family member you want on our autofill services.

Our pharmaceutical staff will manage your refills, so you always have all of your meds on time. Our team will contact you before filling your medication to confirm if you want your medicines refilled. After your confirmation, we will automatically refill and deliver your medications wherever you need them for your convenience. With our auto-fill service, you can rest easy and not stress about requesting a refill ever again. We take care of everything, from your billing to prescription details, and work directly with your doctor and insurance to save you from the hassle and time-consuming processes.

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